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The Election and Counterfeiting

With the election that’s going on today, I’d like to stop for a moment to think about the issues. There are plenty of political issues, but what about the economic ones? Are there any economic issues on your local ballot?

If there aren’t, maybe it’s time we all start paying closer attention to things like that, especially if we want to completely shut down the counterfeiting industry. Do you really want to live in a community where things like knock off Chanel bags can just be sold in the mall, or in random stores? That’s dangerous and it should not be allowed to happen. Counterfeiting can do serious damage to a local economy; it happens all of the time. It even damages the global economy, if left unchecked.

Luckily, though, we have people who are dedicated to putting counterfeiters behind bars and making sure that the proper companies are not degraded just because some criminal decided to steal their design and poorly replicate it.

“Hey, remember when we could get really high quality designer accessories? Too bad the only thing that gets sold anymore are cheap knock offs.”

Do you really want to live in a world like that? A world run by counterfeiters where they’re preying off of the memory and tarnished reputation of a once great company?

Counterfeiters are generally out for themselves and have no hesitation in selling discount and cheap replica Chanel purses to anyone. Fake items may seem cheaper at first, but once it arrives, it’s immediately apparent why the cost seemed so cheap. Counterfeiter traffickers often don’t take the time nor do they pay the expense to make adequate quality products, even when AAA or top quality for their replica designer items is promised.

If you go out and eagerly search for one of these knock off fashion accessories, don’t be too disappointed when you receive it and it’s not everything you hoped for.

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