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Similar Does Not Mean the Same

The term replica or counterfeit has been around for quite some time. If you look up either of these words you may find a definition similar to this: A product made to deceive and be similar to its original. Did you catch the key words in this definition? Let me help you out; deceive and similar. A counterfeit company’s job is to deceive the consumer, and a similar product does not mean the same product. In fact it almost means the exact opposite when it comes to replica Chanel’s.

A replica Chanel will often time’s be made out of cheap materials that are either torn, dirty, or have an atrocious odor. Any kind of zippers or clasps used on a fake Chanel handbag are usually broken or dingy. This is nowhere near similar to what authentic Chanel’s are made out of, and that’s because authentic Chanel’s are only created from very high-quality materials that are made to last a consumer their every day wear and tear.

The only thing counterfeit companies try to make similar is the logo printed as big and as clear as they can. This is because they probably aim to fool the consumer into thinking they are buying an authentic Chanel product. It can be assumed that a counterfeiter often attempts to  duplicate Chanel’s logo onto a fake Chanel product to get a sale. Without the logo, a counterfeit bag may not make any profits. To someone who really studies and knows fashion labels a fake likely won’t fool them. But generally, a counterfeiter will most likely aim to fool the average, everyday consumer who is looking to score a great deal.

I have a way to help those of you out there who are the average every day consumer to never be fooled by a counterfeit company again. It’s easy, all you have to do is continue to read these blogs and do a little research. Once you know how counterfeiter company’s work you will be able to spot them from a mile away. This will ensure that you never receive a tacky, fake Chanel product every again.

The key thing to remember from this blog is that counterfeit Chanel products are nowhere near as good as authentic Chanel products. Personally, I would rather throw my money into the garbage than waste it on a fake Chanel handbag. When a counterfeiter claims to be selling similar Chanel’s you can be assured that what they mean is replica Chanel’s.



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