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Replica Chanel Purses

Discussion of counterfeiting is one of the best ways that we can all help to put a stop to it. Not everyone is informed on all of the downsides that exist because of the counterfeiting industry. Everyday, thousands of people are tricked into buying a knock off Chanel bag. There are several ways that this happens.

First: Ebay listings. Counterfeiters often set up Ebay accounts, just like anybody else would. However, these in this situation, counterfeit traffickers often use their account to pass off their fake Chanel handbags as if they were the real, genuine article. They frequently make up stories about why they’re selling them or where they acquired the designer item from; stories that are at times difficult if not  impossible to tell if they’re true or not. And if a person happens to take these traffickers at their word and go ahead and spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a the item, which turns out to be a counterfeit designer item, it will quickly become obvious that it is clearly not well made, and that they have been scammed. Luckily, before you know it the counterfeiter’s account is often shut down so they can’t pull the same scam again.

But this brings us to our second problem.

Second: Websites that seem to be trustworthy but actually aren’t. These online shops are usually all run by the very same counterfeiters who also run fake Ebay accounts. It is often found that they pull the same stunts on their websites as on Ebay. The counterfeiters often try to make their websites look legitimate, promoting themselves and their products as if it were actually okay to make and sell replica Chanel purses online. They often design their websites so that potential customers would think that by purchasing fake designer items are ok because they are saving lots of money. They often tout cheaper prices only they can provide while promising the same thing at the same quality.  And that just isn’t the case. Ever.

A replica is a replica, a fake is a fake. There’s no way around it. Just because someone says that it is okay to buy counterfeit fashion accessories doesn’t actually make it okay to buy counterfeit fashion accessories. There are laws against such replica trafficking activities. There are many reasons why this kind of business is illegal. Counterfeiters are often part of crime rings who infringe on trademark and design ownership rights of hard working legitimate businesses, including artisans and luxury fashion houses.

Instead of spending a small amount of money on a knock off Chanel handbag, save up that money. That way, you can have the real thing! The real thing that will never disappoint, and you’ll be glad that you waited and saved for such a wonderful, long-lasting fashion accessory.

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