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Not everyone has the funds to support a jewelry habit; so naturally, you probably settle for costume jewelry. Replica Chanel jewelry may seem appealing because it costs a small portion of what the real Chanel product sells for. Although things may seem great from the get-go, your jewelry could be slowly poisoning you. Replica Chanel jewelry has its consequences, and here are a few reasons why.

Replica Chanel jewelry is not manufactured to meet any standards, so they contain chemicals and metals that are harmful to your body. The Ecology Center, a Michigan based, non-profit organization, discovered that replica Chanel jewelry contains high levels of lead, chromium, and nickel. The study also found wood, stains, and different types of paints present in fake jewelry.

You may contract a rash when wearing pieces of replica Chanel jewelry in the area in which it was worn. The rash can stay for hours, days, or months – depending on your skin’s reaction to the metal. Rashes can disappear after the jewelry has been removed; however, the chemicals are much more detrimental to the body if ingested. You’re probably wondering how it’s possible for an adult to ingest replica Chanel jewelry. Because the pieces are manufactured with poor workmanship, the paint may chip off as you place your necklace in your mouth without thinking about it while concentrating on something that is taking up your attention. The flame retardants can also rub off on your skin or they can be inhaled.

Even if you have worn fake pieces of jewelry your entire life, something can change the immunological balance and your skin can easily become more vulnerable, and more reactive, to the chemicals that exist in replica Chanel jewelry. The best way to avoid the toxicity in costume jewelry is to purchase from a trusted designer and manufacturer. If purchasing real Chanel jewelry, you receive the true Chanel craft and artistry that will last a lifetime.

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