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Not Just Another Replica Blog

This isn’t your typical replica Chanel blog. This blog is designated to help educate you as the consumer about why counterfeit Chanel products are so dangerous. My goal isn’t to make you just fear replicas, my goal is to make you realize how immoral and wrong they really are and what you can do to help fight against counterfeit companies.

Almost everything a counterfeit company does is illegal. They illegally sell and produce counterfeit Chanel products. They are also involved with numerous different criminal activities including; being a part of an organized terrorist group, committing tax evasion, and credit card theft. These are all very serious offenses that affect you as the customer and should not be taken lightly.

There have been reported cases of counterfeit companies being involved with organized crime or terrorist groups. This is the main reason why some of them get into the counterfeit business in order to fund these types of groups. For obvious reasons this could be detrimental to the community. By committing tax evasion this hurts the economy and your community. When companies do not pay taxes then there is no money to go towards the community or money to help fluctuate throughout the economy. And there have been numerous reported cases in which a consumer’s credit card information was stolen and either sold to another company or their account was cleared out.

These are just to name a few of the reasons why you should stray away from buying any kind of fake Chanel product. Replica Chanel’s are a waste of your money, time, and energy, but you already knew that right? As the consumer it all starts and ends with you. If consumers never purchased counterfeit Chanel products then counterfeit companies would not be in business. That’s the first step you can take towards fighting these criminals, by shopping only at the official Chanel store or website. You can also help by informing your family, friends, and co-workers about everything you’ve learned from this blog. The more consumers we can educate the more likely we will be able to put a stop to counterfeit companies. Also do your own research to find out even more information about fake Chanel’s. You will learn a lot and hopefully be able to spot a replica from a mile away.



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