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As being part of fashion for decades, Chanel sunglasses have a classy and unique style. Due to their popularity, counterfeiters all over the world take a hack at the genuine work Chanel has produced and begin to manufacture their own and sell them at a cheaper price. These producers of fake Chanel sunglasses do their best to replicate the elegant design that Chanel has to offer. Unfortunately, replicas will never amount to the real products. Avoid a counterfeit situation and consider these few ways on how to spot fake Chanel sunglasses.

Discounts. Chanel does not allow any of their authorized dealers to discount any of the prices on any of their products. It does not matter where you are or when it is, if there is a discount or a good price on a Chanel design, great chances are the product is fake.

The Chanel Etching. Fake Chanel sunglasses will not have the correct etching on the corner of the lens. It may be the wrong size and may be printed instead of etched in if the sunglasses are fake.

The Box. Inspect the logo on the box and make sure it’s study. If the paint on the logo rubs off in any way, they are Chanel replicas.

The Case and Dust Cloth. If there is any type of gasoline odor on the box or the case, it’s a counterfeit. Make sure the logo does not rub off of them easily as well.

The Serial Number. Chanel also etches a unique serial number into the right lens. There should be letters and numbers with no spaces inside the right lens. It should be clear, legible, and aligned straight.

Look Around. Of course you’re wary of street vendors selling fake Chanel sunglasses, but what about sunglass shops? Pay attention to all the details listed above, and lastly – look around for Chanel promotional materials such as posters or signs advertising Chanel. Those can only be received by authorized Chanel dealers to indorse their products.

Stay far away from the counterfeit industry and avoid purchasing fake Chanel sunglasses by going straight through an authorized Chanel dealer.

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