The modern sophistication of CHANEL boots is admired and enjoyed by popular celebrities and many others fortunate enough to experience wearing them.

The popularity of CHANEL boots attracts unprincipled replica dealers who take original CHANEL boot designs and imitate them without permission from CHANEL. New original creations belong to the creator and owner which are registered as a patent or trademark, depending on what category the new creations would belong to. Intellectual property rights belong to the registered creator/owner. No one else has the right to manufacture, distribute, promote, advertise, sell or license the registered intellectual property without proper permission. Replica dealers snub the laws and take what is not theirs to take. Knockoff dealers who sell fake Chanel boots risk severe penalties of jail, prison, fines and civil judgments.

All consumers must be wary of replica Chanel boots selling for a drastically reduced price. Low prices may signal a red flag that the boots are fake. Other red flags may be misshapen silhouettes, visible glue, off-colored leather, scratches and nicks. Knockoff boots often cause discomfort and may ruin the feet and ankles. Spending $100.00 on a fake pair of boots is more than likely to be too much to spend for illegal products of low quality.

Everyone should be informed that fake products are illegal. In some regions buying and selling fakes are both crimes. The best advice is to stay away from knockoff Chanel boots offered online and opt for the genuine. Authentic CHANEL boots can be found at the CHANEL boutiques.