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Not everyone has the funds to support a jewelry habit; so naturally, you probably settle for costume jewelry. Replica Chanel jewelry may seem appealing because it costs a small portion of what the real Chanel product sells for. Although things may seem great from the get-go, your jewelry could be slowly poisoning you. Replica Chanel jewelry has its consequences, and here are a few reasons why. Replica Chanel jewelry is not manufactured to meet any standards, so they contain chemicals and metals that are harmful to your body. The Ecology Center, a Michigan based, non-profit organization, discovered that replica Chanel  [ Read More ]

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Too much sun exposure to the eyes can definitely damage them and potentially increase your risk for cataracts. Besides how fantastic a pair of sunglasses looks on your face, there are a few other things you should be looking for when in the market for purchasing sunglasses. Counterfeiters are a main contributor to the mass amounts of fake Chanel sunglasses circuiting around. Here are a few reasons as to why you should not purchase cheap, fake Chanel sunglasses and how they are bad for your eyes. The ultraviolet rays from the sun that cause your skin to burn are the  [ Read More ]

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As being part of fashion for decades, Chanel sunglasses have a classy and unique style. Due to their popularity, counterfeiters all over the world take a hack at the genuine work Chanel has produced and begin to manufacture their own and sell them at a cheaper price. These producers of fake Chanel sunglasses do their best to replicate the elegant design that Chanel has to offer. Unfortunately, replicas will never amount to the real products. Avoid a counterfeit situation and consider these few ways on how to spot fake Chanel sunglasses. Discounts. Chanel does not allow any of their authorized  [ Read More ]

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Just last year, Chanel went after an online store called “Shop Jeen” – a teen internet sensation backed by a 24-year-old, Instagram-famous girl. Chanel filed a lawsuit accusing the young retailer of federal trademark infringement, trademark counterfeiting, false designation of origin, trademark dilution, and common law trademark infringement. The popularity of Shop Jeen’s website amongst the millennials brought phone cases to the world famous designer’s attention. The cases replicate the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume bottles. They also come with a detachable purse strap which mimic the signature quilted purse strap that comes on genuine Chanel bags. Lucky for the  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel Purses Discussion of counterfeiting is one of the best ways that we can all help to put a stop to it. Not everyone is informed on all of the downsides that exist because of the counterfeiting industry. Everyday, thousands of people are tricked into buying a knock off Chanel bag. There are several ways that this happens. First: Ebay listings. Counterfeiters often set up Ebay accounts, just like anybody else would. However, these in this situation, counterfeit traffickers often use their account to pass off their fake Chanel handbags as if they were the real, genuine article. They  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel Purses Spam is everywhere on the Internet these days. There’s just no escaping it. One day, your spam box in your e-mail account can be completely free, and then the next day your inbox and your spam box might be full of e-mails telling you all about this great deal on a fake Chanel purse and just come look at these prices because they’re so cheap that anyone can afford them! While most people just delete everything in their spam box, it’s the e-mails that slide by and make it to their inbox that are the most problematic. These  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel Purses Replica Chanel Purse Cheap We continue our year with our warnings against spam bots and how they relate to counterfeiting. Spam bots are being programmed with better and more sophisticated technology daily. Where they once left random comments on random websites, they are now designed to target specific websites using key words and phrases to attract people. Some spam bots have even been programmed to use curse words in order to seem more human. The whole reason spam bots are used is to try to give people the impression that it’s just another human endorsing fake Chanel  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel Bags This holiday season (since Thanksgiving is right around the corner), be very careful. There are going to be a lot of people out there who are going to be pushing their “hottest deals” at so many different stores and businesses. Who knows? You may just find someone on the street selling that item that one of your loved ones keeps talking about. For example, perhaps your wife keeps saying that she wants a designer accessory, any one will do because they’re just so beautiful, and you’re walking around the mall and notice a brand new store. This  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel Bags With Black Friday just a mere forty eight hours away, now is the time to review your facts about counterfeiters. Take the time to plan out exactly where you want to go shopping and what you want to get there. If you have a solid plan, your chances of being distracted by some new, shiny sale go down. If you happen across some random person selling things like knock off Chanel purses, you won’t want them because you know that you don’t need them, and no one you care about wants one either. It’s not on the  [ Read More ]

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Counterfeit Chanel Purses Counterfeiting is an illegal business activity. Around the holidays, replica sellers might be found offering totally amazing discounts on their retail websites. Sales and discounts on fake Chanel bags aren’t there to do anyone a favor or goodwill to the community or the world. The truth likely is that replica shops offering discounts on replica Chanel handbags are there to only for the money and to entice new customers, by overwhelming potential buyers with sheer intrigue of getting a designer purse for cheap. Since the counterfeiting industry apparently doesn’t always depend on repeat business, they can afford  [ Read More ]