How to Spot Counterfeit Chanel Perfume

Sometimes it can be very easy to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake, when considering designer products, simply by taking one glimpse at them. On the contrary, it can be difficult to decipher a counterfeit at times because the manufacturer could have had the knowledge and the access to materials to make a seemingly flawless counterfeit. However, when bearing in mind knock-off perfume products, there are a handful of ways you can separate the real from the fake. Here are a few ways on how to spot a counterfeit Chanel perfume.

The Label on the Box. Be wary of the size and positioning of the writing on the label. It should be exactly the same as authentic Chanel perfume; unfortunately, there is no way for you to tell unless you’re comparing it to a real one.If you don’t have a real Chanel box to compare it to and you’re unable to open the box, you should take a look at the way the lettering is printed. This is an easy way on how to spot a fake. The lettering should be raised and everything should be perfectly aligned. If any of the letters are moved or slanted in the least bit, it’s a counterfeit Chanel perfume. If everything looks “flawless”, next you should check for serial numbers and trademark symbols. Ingredients are also a dead giveaway if you are able to find any spelling mistakes on the list.

Spray Bottle Cap. If the cap or lid feels in any way light in weight, cheap, or if it does not fit the top properly, it’s definitely a fake. Genuine Chanel manufacturers will never allow for inconsistencies in their work such as a perfume cap.

The Liquid Inside. Reports of counterfeit Chanel perfume have been known to come with darker liquids and sometimes there are pieces of debris floating in the bottle.

The Thickness of the Bottle. Never forget that Chanel is a very sophisticated designer that has been around since the early 1900s. If the bottle is chunky and has a thick base when considering the molding, it’s not real. The design of a real Chanel perfume is sleek in detail.

The Spray Nozzle. If the nozzle is difficult to spray or comes liquid comes out shooting instead of a misting spray, chances are it’s a counterfeit Chanel perfume.

The Smell. You may think the smell of the knock-off perfume is similar, but it will never hold the qualities that Chanel perfume smell has. It will not last on your skin and it could just simply smell awful.

Out of all of the ways on how to spot a counterfeit perfume bottle posed as a Chanel, the most important way to avoid fakes is to shop at authorized dealers instead of trying to find your perfume aftermarket. Do not support the fake perfume peddlers and the counterfeit industry. Shop at an authorized dealer or at the real Chanel.