The Chemicals in Fake Perfumes You Should Know About

The counterfeit market has grown exponentially, especially because it’s possible to sell things so easily over the internet. Contrary to popular belief, even the little kiosks and perfume stores in the mall sell knock-off fragrances. Out of all of the counterfeit perfume goods, one of the greatest black market manufactured fragrances is fake Chanel perfume. Buying a counterfeit perfume may seem harmless when you’re spending a fraction of a real perfume’s cost. This is, until you discover what’s really inside of that little bottle. Here are some of the chemicals in fake perfumes that you should be wary of.

Urine. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, your bargain perfume could really be a urine filled knock-off. One of the greatest unknown chemicals in fake perfumes is urine. Counterfeiters use urine because it can be used as a pH stabilizer. They also use it for its color.

Antifreeze. Antifreeze is a liquid typically based on ethylene glycol, which when added to water, lowers its freezing point. This liquid is used in your car’s radiator. If use a fake Chanel perfume that is made with antifreeze, your skin will be absorbing the extremely toxic chemical into your body.

Bacteria. There are the good bacteria, and the bad bacteria. The types that are in your fake Chanel perfume are the bad bacteria. You should avoid voluntarily allowing bacteria to seep into your pores by staying away from counterfeit perfumes.

Parabens and Phthalates. These are two chemicals in fake perfumes that are carcinogenic synthetic preservatives. They are known to interfere with hormones and are linked to negative reproductive effects.

Real perfume that was genuinely manufactured will never irritate the skin or cause a negative reaction on the skin. The creators of fake Chanel perfume do not comply with the regulatory standards, and will continue to use harsh chemicals and carcinogens as long as they are in business. There are many different ways on how to spot a fake. Be wary of the fakes and avoid shopping at aftermarket perfume vendors to avoid supporting the counterfeit industry.