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Posted by admin On November - 16 - 2012 Comments Off on Got Replica Chanel’s on your Mind? I Can Fix That

Got Replica Chanel’s on your Mind?  I Can Fix That If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a knock-off Chanel handbag then this blog is for you.  I am here to tell you why you should never consider putting yourself at risk in order to save a couple bucks.  And trust me when I say a replica Chanel is not something you want to own. Have you ever stopped to wonder why a replica Chanel handbag is cheaper than an authentic Chanel?  There are numerous reasons why, but the main one is because fake Chanel’s are made out of inexpensive, low-quality  [ Read More ]

Posted by admin On November - 10 - 2012 Comments Off on The Election and Counterfeiting

The Election and Counterfeiting With the election that’s going on today, I’d like to stop for a moment to think about the issues. There are plenty of political issues, but what about the economic ones? Are there any economic issues on your local ballot? If there aren’t, maybe it’s time we all start paying closer attention to things like that, especially if we want to completely shut down the counterfeiting industry. Do you really want to live in a community where things like knock off Chanel bags can just be sold in the mall, or in random stores? That’s dangerous and it  [ Read More ]